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I am a Multidisciplinary Artist and Director from the vibrant city of Richmond, VA. My creative journey is deeply rooted in the rich culture of Hip-Hop, which serves as a powerful source of inspiration for my work across various artistic mediums, including poetry, music, photography, films, art programs, exhibitions, and immersive cultural experiences. My passion lies in using these artistic forms to celebrate the compelling stories of our youth, our communities, and the wisdom of our ancestors.

​Since I can remember, Hip-Hop has been a constant presence in my life, akin to an extended family member. It has played a pivotal role in shaping my identity and artistic expression. I delved into its underground community at an early age, exploring its many facets. I vividly recall digging through my grandma's cherished record collection and getting reprimanded for my early graffiti endeavors, tagging walls with Crayolas crayons. I witnessed family members perform acrobatic dance moves at cookouts and reunions, listened to Muhammad Ali kick rhymes predicting his knockouts, and resampled the unique fashion aesthetics of my aunts and uncles. As a result, these experiences nurtured an environment for me to foster a spirit of creativity and fearlessness, igniting my passion for storytelling and becoming the cornerstone of my artistic practice as an artist, educator, and director. 

​As an Art Program Director, I've harnessed this creative power within hip-hop to establish dynamic art workshops, programs, and residencies across various mediums to foster resources for youth and professional artists to create pathways to health and mindfulness, creative development, social entrepreneurship, and building communities.

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