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the easel 


The Easel is an immersive monthly public art series presented by ART180 in the heart of Jackson Ward, Richmond's Historic Art District. This series allows art communities and enthusiasts to witness creative work from start to finish in a vibrant outdoor environment during lunch hours, fostering social engagement and broadening access to art in public spaces. Each featured artist is commissioned for their created work, gaining a unique opportunity to connect with audiences and sell their catalog.

We are excited to announce the call for submissions for ART 180's 2024 Easel Public Art Event! This annual event celebrates creativity and community engagement through the transformation of public spaces into vibrant works of art. ART 180 invites artists of all backgrounds and disciplines for submission of an original artwork to be featured in this year's public art pull-up.

The event's purpose is to provide communities with art accessibility and an inside look at a creative process to deepen an appreciation for the arts. Every third Thursday, from April through October 2024, ART 180 provides one canvas and easel to a featured artist to create a visual artwork of their choice from start to finish. The series will take place at the ARTParklet at 114. W. Marshall St. Richmond, VA. All artists must bring their paints, brushes, or additional materials to complete their process.

This is a unique opportunity to showcase your talent, share your voice, and contribute to the cultural fabric of our art community.

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