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I am a Multidisciplinary Artist and Director from the vibrant city of Richmond, VA. My creative journey is deeply rooted in the rich culture of Hip-Hop, which serves as a powerful source of inspiration for my work across various artistic mediums, including poetry, music, photography, films, art programs, exhibitions, and immersive cultural experiences. My passion lies in using these artistic forms to celebrate the compelling stories of our youth, our communities, and the wisdom of our ancestors.

​Since I can remember, Hip-Hop has been a constant presence in my life, akin to an extended family member. It has played a pivotal role in shaping my identity and artistic expression, and at an early age, I delved into its underground community, exploring its many facets. I vividly recall digging through my grandma's cherished record collection and getting reprimanded for my early graffiti endeavors, tagging walls with Crayolas crayons. I witnessed family members perform acrobatic dance moves at cookouts and reunions, listened to Muhammad Ali kick rhymes predicting his knockouts, and resampled the unique fashion aesthetics of my aunts and uncles. As a result, these experiences nurtured an environment for me to foster a spirit of creativity and fearlessness, igniting my passion for storytelling and becoming the cornerstone of my artistic practice as an artist, educator, and director. 

As an Art Program Director, I've harnessed this creative power within hip-hop to establish dynamic art workshops, programs, and residencies across various mediums to foster resources for youth and professional artists to create pathways to health and mindfulness, creative development, social entrepreneurship, and building communities. 





  • The Home Remixtape Artchives, Educator, Oyoun, Berlin, DE
    An art workshop utilizing the creation of home mixtapes as an archival approach to document, protect, and preserve untold stories centered around the home experience.


  • The Atlas Artist Residency Program, Director, ART180, Richmond, VA
    A younique summer residency where ten aspiring youth artists undergo an art intensive mentorship with two professional teaching artists. 

2022 - 2020

  • Hoppin on Hanover, Creative Director/Booking, Richmond, VA
    An intimate front porch concert series in response to COVID provided local bands with an opportunity to supplement their canceled touring schedules that neighborhood locals supported

2022 - CURRENT
  • The Easel, Creative Director, ART180, Richmond, VA.
    A monthly public art series highlighting professional artists in a live art-making experience and exhibition, providing audiences with the opportunity to connect with emerging artists and grow a deeper appreciation of the arts in public spaces. 


  • Afroabstraction, Co-Creative Director, Commonhouse, Richmond, VA
    The AfroAbstraction workshop series encouraged free creative exploration while informing the community of the great legacy of the black abstract artists Alma Thomas, Norman Lewis, Chakaia Booker, and Jack Whitten, inspiring the community to create their art pieces each week inspired by these abstract art trailblazers.

2019 & 2018
  • Live At Väsen, Creative Director/Booking, Väsen Brewing Company, Richmond, VA 
    A local brewing company of the outdoors celebrated its 1st and 2nd anniversary with music festivals featuring Bio Ritmo, Black Alley, Illiterate Light, Minor Poet, and more. 

2019 - 2016

  • Know Your HipHopstory, Director/Instructor Richmond Public Libraries, Richmond, VA
    An art-educational workshop series that explores art, literature, music, history, and the impacts Hip Hop has had on the globe. Where participants develop skills in songwriting and music productions to communicate their younique stories. Additional Organizations: VCU, Charthouse, and ART180. 



  • TEDx Youth Performance, Collegiate High, Richmond, VA
    with PhotoSynthesizers, Roscoe Brown, and Angelica Garcia.


  • Music Performance at Richmond Music Hall, Richmond, VA
    with PhotoSythesizers and Seratones



  • SPARC Live Art Theater Performance, Altria Theater, Richmond, VA 
    with Jasson Miraz, Hanson, Christ Stille, Korie Withers, and Daniel Clarke.


  • Music Performance at Seattle Drum School, Seattle, WA
    with THE MEM, 



  • Opening Ceremony, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Richmond, VA 



  • Music Performance at The High Dive, Seattle, WA
    with THE MEM



  • Headliner Culture World Music & Art Festival, Pipestem, WV


  • SWAG JAM, Badehaus, Berlin, DE


  • Homecoming Music Performance St.Paul's College, Lawrenceville, VA
    with Trina


  • Music Performance at Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA
    with GDAG, PhotoSynthesizers, Camae, aka Moore Mother



  • Fall Line Festival, The Hippodrome, Richmond, VA
    with NO B.S Brass Band and Big Freedia 



  • Music Performance at The Hatfoctory, Richmond, VA
    with Bone Thugs & Harmony


  • Homecoming Music Performance at Longwood University, Farmville, VA
    with Yung Yoc,



  • Shadrock Music Festival, Brown's Island, Richmond, VA
    with Dela Soul and Shabazz Palaces


  • PhotoSynthesizers at The National, Richmond, VA
    with Black Liquid, Constellations, and Snoop Dogg


  • Homecoming Music Performance Goucher College Baltimore, MD
    with PhotoSynthesizers



  • Domion Riverock Festival, Browns Island, Richmond, VA.
    with Soul Live and Lettuce




  • Artumn/EP
    A collection of three instrumentals inspired by the colors, textures, season, and music of Autumn 2022 in Berlin.



  • Winter Of Marz/EP
    This is a redux of recovered demo records from 2010 that were stolen from my possession one night at a music venue, some of which are still yet to be found. 


  • Khardiology: Open Heart Surgery Redux/LP
    Originally, Khardiology was released in 2004, with only 13 songs and in a short run of about 300 copies. Khardiology: Open Heart Surgery Redux contains three additional bonus tracks recorded a few months after the album's release fitting the familiar themes of headaches, heartbreaks, and beat breakups


  • Ants In The Antennas/Single
    This song explores the colonies in our consciousness, which have the power to transmit to those on similar frequencies through silent signals, like ants' antennae or radio antennas, and the musical journey of Maurice and Josh's return to their origin as a singer-songwriter music duo. 


  • Apollogy/LP
    The album marks PhotoSynthesizers' 11th anniversary as a band, showcasing their personal relationships with each other and the conditions of the world surrounding them.


  • Era of Errors/EP
    Era of Errors draws inspiration from Charlie Brooker's web series, Black Mirror. EOE is the second episong of this self-titled series examining humanity and its longings around its consciousness. And reflects on how tech has affected our relationship with one another.


  • March Enters Madness
    "Buzzer beaters erupt the bleachers."

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